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Sustainable Development

Zinc is a raw material that is essential to our bodies from birth and throughout our daily lives. It occurs naturally throughout the earth, in plants and animals and in the foods we eat. It is vital during pregnancy, strengthens our immune system, heals and protects our skin and boosts brain activity.

When used in Hot-dip Galvanizing, Zinc coatings lengthen the life of steel structures by keeping steel performing in its optimal condition. This benefit alone enables a huge preservation of natural resources by reducing waste that occurs naturally. As a result, steel and zinc both serve as sustainable materials in today’s environmental conscious society.

Dedicated to our Environment

How We Keep Green…

At Supreme Galvanizing we want to do our best when it comes to protecting our environment. Through the utilization of specific equipment such as; an Air Scrubbers System (Control gaseous emissions) or including a Waste Water Treatment System (Clean and recycle our water usage) we ensure our success to staying green.