Standard Pricing Policies & Terms and Conditions of Sales


  1. Initial order placed by New Customers have C.O.D terms, until a credit application has been submitted and approved.
  2. The prices quoted are based on NEW STEEL ONLY. The only coating on the material that is accepted as standard is mill scale or light rust.  Additional charges will apply when extra labour or chemicals are necessary for the following; any steel where the scale has been rolled into the base metal, steel pitted with rust, coated with grease, paint, lacquer, or other preservatives, or those that have excess markings.
  3. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Minimum charges are applicable. Quotes are valid for 30 days.
  4. Verbal quotes are ESTIMATES only.  A fixed quote can only be given in writing after we receive accurate drawings, take offs, or when the materials arrive at our shop.
  5. All galvanizing shall be subject to Supreme Galvanizing Ltd.’s standard processing variations, classifications, and extras.
  6. Material that needs to be double dipped or of unique configuration, will be subject to an additional charge.
  7. All Prices are F.O.B our plant, in Brampton, Ontario.  Delivery dates specified are subject to Supreme Galvanizing’s shop capacity.  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery of the product will be the Customer’s responsibility and will be delivered to Supreme Galvanizing’s shop.
  8. The Customer agrees that the terms of the payment shall be NET 30 days (w/ approval) from the date of invoice. TAXES EXTRA.  NO HOLD BACKS.



Steel must meet all requirements for galvanizing.  Under no circumstances can steel have welding slag, paint, lacquers, and/or grease pencil markings. All material must be properly prepared for the galvanizing process.  Drainage access and venting – min 3/8th inch diameter hole (see ASTM A 385). Additional charges may apply if Customer fails to comply.

Galvanized material shall meet ASTM A 123/A 123M or ASTM A 153/A 153M requirements, if requested prior to galvanizing (unless otherwise specified and agreed upon). If any steel needs to meet certain specifications, the Customer must inform Supreme Galvanizing Ltd. prior to receiving the steel. Inspection is performed by qualified Supreme Galvanizing personnel, unless otherwise stated. Supreme Galvanizing Ltd. maintains all quality inspections, and copies are available to the Customer upon request.

Dependent on make-up of steel some products may vary in colour/texture as Galvanizing is NOT a uniform finish coating; its purpose is strictly to prevent premature rust and corrosion. To have an optimal steel composition it is recommended that a maximum silicon content of 0.035% or between 0.15% and 0.22% and a maximum phosphorus content of 0.04% be selected. The zinc thickness can vary due to steel chemistry and composition that Supreme is not responsible for.

If product consists of cast iron or other compositions that are difficult to galvanize, it is recommended that these parts be cleaned first, through abrasive blasting. This is to avoid damage or loss of detail to the product (castings). Products are not guaranteed nor may meet regulatory standards of ASTM.

Supreme Galvanizing is not responsible for any normal warping and/or distortion of the product due to assembly configuration.

The Customer’s Purchase Order, if any, will not apply/overrule whatsoever to any contract or agreement (quote) between the parties, except when Supreme Galvanizing Ltd. specifically agrees in writing, to such purchase order conditions.

We will proceed with galvanizing all products that are brought to our shop in an orderly manner, unless instructed otherwise by the Customer.  Order cancellation must be done before product is received at the Supreme Galvanizing Shop.

All additional work will be charged at a shop hourly rate of $75.00.

Supremes’ responsibility for lost or damaged material is limited to the cost of that material or the cost of galvanizing, whichever is lower. Shortage of 2% or less in quantity of items sent for galvanizing is deemed to be complete. It is understood by the Customer that substantial quantities are not verified by Supreme.

Material arriving at Supreme is weighed once, after galvanization. The Customer agrees that the weight indicated by Supreme after galvanization is deemed the final weight, which will serve as the total for invoicing.

The Customer will be responsible for picking up their products from Supreme Galvanizing’s shop at the scheduled time. The Customer will inspect and accept their product in our shop before it is shipped, unless otherwise specified. If the Customer accepts their product without prior inspection, they relinquish their right to reject any product thereafter. Packaging of product is according to Supreme Galvanizing standards, unless otherwise stated.

If any product given to the Customer fails to conform to the contracts between the Customer and Supreme Galvanizing Ltd., the Customer must give prompt written notification to Supreme Galvanizing Ltd. within 5 days, of the non-conforming or damaged product, arising directly or from any acts or omissions of Supreme Galvanizing Ltd.

If a Customer fails to pick up or accept delivery of their product for 30 days, without rightfully refusing the product, the Customer is considered to have abandoned such products.  In this event, Supreme Galvanizing, may dispose or sell the product, and any profit made may be applied to the amount owed by the Customer to Supreme Galvanizing Ltd.  If a Customer is unable to pick up their product on the scheduled date, and an alternate delivery/pick up date has been agreed upon in writing, a storage fee may apply.

The present contract shall be governed and construed in the accordance with laws of the province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein. Moreover, the parties agree that any disputes and/or litigation which occur with the following contract will take place in the courts situated in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area.

Supreme Galvanizing Ltd. reserves the right to use the work they process in promotional literature.